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Deborah Prokop (Arizona, US) posted...
I am impressed. The sauce was excellent. I make my own sauce "gravy" from scratch and never buy a jar. Never say never! This is the only exception to my rule. Definitely would buy it again! Only wish they would sell it in Arizona.
4th June 2012 7:53pm
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Joel & Julie (Nj, US) posted...
This was the best marinara sauce we have tried in a very long time! It tastes like it's been simmered in our own kitchen all day long. We love that it has the tomato seeds in it too! We can't wait to try the other two flavors!
1st June 2012 5:06pm
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Cheryl Carrano (New Jersey, US) posted...
I purchased all 3 flavors, I must say the best sauce I've tasted that taste like it was made fresh in my kitchen by the BONGIOVI Family, I also must say I am a big Fan of Jon Bon Jovi and would love for him to personally cook for me and my family I can DREAM can't I???
31st May 2012 1:48pm
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Lisa Alexander (Florida, US) posted...
I'm always trying new sauces, none are great, but then I tried these marinara sauces, and I have now finally found a great sauce. I have tried all three and they are all fabulous. I hope to be able to find them in my local grocery store soon so I can buy them when I need them or in a last minute spaghetti fix. Thanks for finally getting an awesome marinara sauce out there.
31st May 2012 6:15am
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Taeko (Japan) posted...
Dear Mr.Bongiovi

I bought these sauces 2 times.
The first is for me and second time is for my dear friend.
My friend is so glad that these sauces are so delicious.
I love these sauces so much.
Because so juicy and tomato's flavor is so natural.
This time,I used the 'Garden Style Sauce'.
I love Conchiqlie is made by 'Dicheko'.
The topping is the spinach tossed with sesame oil.
This topping is Japanese style.
How making is that the boiled spinach tossed with sesame oil
and a little salt. The finish,sprinkle struck roasted
sesame seeds. This is aromatic food.
The Garden Style is so juicy and a little spicy.
I love this sauce very much.
Bongiovi Brand sauces are so juicy
and there are variety of ingredients.
These sauces are good for the breads.
Thank you wonderful sauces!
I want to buy these again and again.
12th May 2012 11:50pm
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Susan Porter (Ontario, Canada) posted...
Dear Mr.B/BongioviBrand,

Well it took me a month to finally crack open the first jar. Not that I didn't want to the day I got them, but because I knew once I'd try the first one, I'd be wanting to open and enjoy the 2nd and 3rd jar....Then there would be no more :( The anticipation and wait leading up to the first taste of the Garden Style was soooo worth it. A delicious, authentic tasting, lip lickin' sauce. Brings me back to my youth in Montreal when I use to enjoy Mama Cinelli's creations.
Bravo and thanks for sharing...hope to see it on market shelves soon.
11th May 2012 5:29pm
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Roberta (Nv, US) posted...
I am full-blooded Sicilian and grew up with delicious sauce made by my grandma's. I learned to make sauce from them. So, I know sauce. I want to say that your sauce is absolutely delicious and that it comes in a jar is incredible. Most jar sauces taste pasty and overcooked. Your is so fresh, like it was made and immediately bottled and sent to my door the same day. I knew the minute I opened the jar and smelled it that it was going to be good as it had that aroma of my grandma's kitchen and even my own on sauce day. I wish it was available in stores so I could buy it more often, but I will definitely be making more purchases and telling my friends and Facebook peeps how delicious it is. It really is awesome. I bought all 3 kinds to sample them all and they are all fresh and yummy! You know a sauce is good when you have to get out the bread to get it all off the plate. Great job!
9th May 2012 6:47pm
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JoLaine & Tony (Ma, US) posted...
Our Review of the Bongiovi Marinara we had last night
The sauce was Great!
What an authentic Sauce. It tasted like a family recipe that was made just for me.
I've never had a jar of sauce that tasted like it was
made in someone's kitchen, and also tastes like it came right from a vine in Italy.
Fresh, flavorful, authentic, and natural. Then i read the ingredients and was expecting the sodium to be through the roof because some companies fake their sauce and just throw a bunch of salt at it, but Nope, they didn't cheat there either like some companies. Not this one. How do they get all the great flavor without having the sodium too high either. It can only
mean one thing, the finest of ingredients and made with care. Living in the Boston area, there is a section in Boston called "the north end" that has some
great Italian restuarants; this sauce, right out of the jar was better than what you would get in the north end. I'll never need to go in there again! Poured some heaven on my meatballs, was great. Sounds like it could be a song. Or another song "I've got a half jar of sauce for dinner tonight baby" (i.e. reference to I've got a full tank of gas') ;-) YUMO!
1st May 2012 6:48am
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Michelle (Adelaide, Australia) posted...
Dear Mr Bongiovi,
I would like to let you know I cooked up the gardestyle pasta sauce with my spaghetti last night and it was fabulous. We all thoroughly enjoyed it :). Thank you so much for shipping out my order so promptly so my son could bring it home from the usa with him. I really appreciated it. Thank you also for putting your family recipe out for people to try some real italian pasta sauce. I normally buy Leggos here , but yours really doesn't compare with it as yours is in a league of its own :).
28th April 2012 8:52pm
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Caren Faisst (New Jersey, US) posted...
I purchased the 3 pack of sauce & must say i am completely in heaven! Each one has it's own distinct delicious taste. It's brings me back to warmth and home and sauce like my grandmom used to make. Homemade sauce! The best! I truly feel this sauce is our generation's "Newman's Own". Perhaps salad dressing can be next?
27th April 2012 10:01am
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